Sunday, August 29, 2010


Windows are in! I was expecting the house to start feeling smaller as windows and drywall were installed; and I was right. It's amazing how much smaller those openings become once windows are installed. Top photo is of the kitchen. I've already decided to trade a larger, lower level bedroom window for the one selected above the sink. Middle photo is the dining room area and, though the triple window is good I WISH we would have picked french doors leading out to the screen porch. Darn! Bottom photo is looking at the fireplace wall and the triple windows on the outside wall be good. Lesson learned here is YOU CAN NEVER HAVE WINDOWS THAT ARE TOO BIG!!!! Pick what you think you want and then go a size larger! This week heating and air conditioning, rough electric and plumbing. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 16, 2010

We Have a roof!

WALA! A busy week for Brad the Builder. The heat index was over 100 degrees and there was one entire day of rain. Yet, in spite of all that...WE HAVE A ROOF (and probably a really hot and tired contractor)! September will bring the plumber and electrician followed by the really fun stuff...flooring, painting, carpeting! Kitchen cabinet order going in this week and windows should appear within the next two weeks! I've been told, once the inside work begins, I'll see progress slow down. However, the decisions on where to place lighting, what color to stain the flooring and wall paint selection should keep us pretty busy. A trip to IKEA one of these weekends is planned to buy wood countertops. I've never been to one of their stores but I'm told I'm going to want to bring a trailer! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovely End to a Busy Day

After a busy morning doing "house stuff" Mr. Amazing helped John move his 1,000 lb. boat lift toward shore. There's been so much rain here that John wasn't able to get his boat on the lift. Barbara and I were skeptical and had Michael John not come home we're pretty sure the guys would still be standing on the lift wondering what to do next. We spent the rest of the afternoon on their deck enjoying the beautiful day and topped it off with a cook-out and a movie! What a wonderful way to celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

Brad the Builder

Just have to put in a plug for Brad the Builder! Here he is going over the plans with Mr. Amazing.

Weekly Update

Having never built a house before, I'm amazed at how quickly things move along. The lower level is framed in and Brad the Builder is capping it off! If the weather permits (and rain is predicted on and off all next week...) we could see the main level framed and roofed by next weekend!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foundation Is In

Foundation walls are up and backfilled. We've been making a trip to our lot each weekend to check on the progress. Mikey stopped by to check it out too. This week Brad the Builder will be pouring the basement floor, framing basement walls and, possibly, capping it all off. We were off to Milwaukee last Sunday to BBC Lighting. It's in an old brick warehouse close to Marquette University. You can find lighting up to 50% off retail prices. Mr. Amazing thought we'd only be there about an hour (me laughing a lot here).....right.....try almost four hours! We darn near closed the place! We found outside lighting, kitchen lights, front hall and back hall lights. I brought pictures of the fixtures I was looking for and, unfortunately, most would need to be ordered. How can that be! A warehouse filled with lights and I like fixtures that need to be ordered! In the end, I compromised. Sigh.....yes, compromised. Kitchen cupboards need to be ordered SOON to take advantage of the company's 15% discount so stay tuned!