Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wherever Will We Live

The excitement of selling our house has quickly faded and been replaced with hunting for boxes, storage sheds and discussions on just where we might live for the next several months while our cottage in the woods is built. I suggested several things....this nifty RV perhaps? The Terra Wind Amphibious RV" has all the proper accoutrements for a luxury vehicle of its class, including an 6-foot swim deck, an 8-jet whirlpool, marble floors, wood paneling, leather furnishings, and a fully equipped home theater system featuring a 42-inch plasma TV, according to Uncrate. In the cockpit you'll find the instruments needed for the aquatic half of its persona to operate the submerged motors, rudder controls, bilge pumps, rudder control, and other standard yachting fare. It prices out from $850,000 to $1.2 million. We decided against this one....

We could scratch the idea of building, buy a VW Bug just like the one we owned back in the 70's and hit the highway.....

OR, maybe a tent perhaps? Mr. Amazing didn't go for any of these ideas. Other, more "normal" but boring options are being considered. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Closing June 18th.......W H A T!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Sale

FOR SALE to a loving family. One home, gently used. Filled with memories of good times, laughter, tears, celebrations, graduations, and dear friends. It's the home we've lived in for 21 years and raised two kids, 3 dogs and one cat. Memories not included!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mack Turns One

Our youngest grandchild turns one today! Happy Birthday Mack! I'm not sure where the time has gone! Hmmmm....that seems to be something I say more and more lately. Gone are his days of colic and crying and not sleeping.....well, the not sleeping still holds true, but the colic is gone. No one is happier about that than his mom and dad. Mack has moved on to, well, moving! Currently he doing the army crawl but it's just a matter of days before he's up on all fours and into all sorts of mischief. I only hope GB00 (that's me) can keep up with him! His birthday party was a HUGE success thanks to lots of hard work on the part of his parents and, especially, Auntie Leesa who puts on totally awesome themed birthday parties! The weather was perfect, the kids had fun in the new bounce house (shared by Carrie and her BFF, Teres,) and filled up on delicious cake from a local Bakery. I'm pretty sure everyone will be in bed early tonight!

Yesterday we listed our house with a realtor. It's time to see if we can sell this house and get enough out of it to build on the lot we purchased a few years ago. I'm excited and stay tuned!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Belated Happy Easter! Over the Easter weekend I spent two days with my entire family! I love it when that happens! We celebrated an early Easter to accommodate Carrie, Darren and their boys. I'm sure you all remember how it goes when you're young with children. There are parents, in-laws and grandparents to visit. To many "folks," not enough time! Their goal was to attend church Sunday morning, get the kids back home in time to find the baskets left by the Easter Bunny, drive out to the cabin to see what goodies Buttons, Jane and Leesa (Darren's parents and sister) had for them...oh, and in between maybe grocery shop, do some laundry, feed the dog....need I say more! So on Saturday, Mr. Amazing took us out to the local restaurant for Easter eggs and pancakes! We even convinced Mikie to get up at the crack of dawn and join us! I was in Heaven!

Both Jim and I are amazed at just how much work two little boys can be. Carrie and Darren are incredible parents, always attentive to the endless amount of diaper changes, feeding, diaper changes, naps, diaper changes, feeding, diaper changes….well you get the picture! They’ve even figured out how to make the dreaded diaper change into a game. Rock, Paper, Scissors! Why didn’t we think of that way back when! Their rules are simple…two out of three wins. The game always ends with lots of laughter and the boys get fresh diapers!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I DID IT! With a little help from my daughter...I did it! A profile picture and a post picture ALL IN ONE DAY! WHEW!

If you've read "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" by Rebecca Wells, you'd know that it's a story about loyalty and friendship between women. My YaYas initially came together as a group of women interested in stamping cards. Others start as book clubs, child play groups, etc. It doesn't matter how we find each other. It just matters that we do! My Yayas have developed a strong, lasting bond of female friendship that sees us through life's ups and downs. We're empathetic listeners when someone needs to vent, strengthened by the group's support when we're down, accepting of each others weaknesses and quirks and.....we still find time to laugh and be downright outrageous! Our group ranges in age from 14 to 62 and consists of mothers and daughters. What a treasure we have, what memories we are creating. We are blessed!