Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wherever Will We Live

The excitement of selling our house has quickly faded and been replaced with hunting for boxes, storage sheds and discussions on just where we might live for the next several months while our cottage in the woods is built. I suggested several things....this nifty RV perhaps? The Terra Wind Amphibious RV" has all the proper accoutrements for a luxury vehicle of its class, including an 6-foot swim deck, an 8-jet whirlpool, marble floors, wood paneling, leather furnishings, and a fully equipped home theater system featuring a 42-inch plasma TV, according to Uncrate. In the cockpit you'll find the instruments needed for the aquatic half of its persona to operate the submerged motors, rudder controls, bilge pumps, rudder control, and other standard yachting fare. It prices out from $850,000 to $1.2 million. We decided against this one....

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