Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Great Move of 2010

Mr. Amazing has put a name to our adventure....The Great Move of 2010. Our heads have stopped spinning and we 're beginning to formulate a plan. Boxes are brought home daily and filled almost as quickly as they are unloaded. A storage facility has been secured close to our soon to be cottage in the woods. We've consulted with the builder and it looks like it's possible we will be homeless until November. The words "November" and "travel trailer" don't fit well in the same sentence when you live in the north, so I'm pretty sure that idea has been thrown out. Where to live is the new big dilema! Five weekends left before the Great Move of 2010. We're feeling pretty confident we can pull this off. But then.....Mr. Amazing will be fishing for three of those five weekends. It could get interesting....very interesting!

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