Sunday, September 12, 2010

Insulation, Countertops, Lights!

Yesterday was a busy day. It started early with a trip to IKEA in the great state of Illinois to purchase countertops. We needed three 8' pieces of beech countertop but ended up purchasing four. The price is fantastic ($59) each...thank you IKEA! We filled the car with the panels and headed to Milwaukee to BBC Lighting to pick up lights that had been ordered and 4 ceiling fans! Believe it or not, Mr. Amazing was able to fit it all into our small CRV....thank you Mr. Amazing and HONDA! A long day in the car but a lot was accomplished. Not much visual progress to see on the house. Insulation was blown in...dense pack and the garage is filled with siding. Next 2 weeks will be drywall! Stay tuned!


  1. ...well...I was tucked in the back passenger seat! It was an adventure for sure!