Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Art Festival

Well where have I been? Painting...yes, painting. No time for posting...just painting! I offered to paint spindles and railings and lattice for my daughter's new front porch. It's been a lot of work but the end is in site and the son-in-law is happy.

Mr. A and I did find time to take in the Fall Art Tour, one of Southwest Wisconsin's most popular events. This tour is held every year with artists from Baraboo to Mineral Point, Wisconsin opening their private studios. One artist, Audrey Christie, print maker and painter of Short Horse Studio is located right down the road from us! She carves on cherry wood, using an 18th century art form, makes a print and paints with gouache to achieve her unique style. Surrounding her 1850's stone home are the many creatures inspiring much of her work. She offered to tell me all about her many varieties of chickens. I just might take her up on that!

If you are in and around Madison you can see her work at the Winter Art Festival at the Monona Terrace and Convention Center November 12-13th. You won't be disappointed!

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