Wednesday, September 12, 2012


...our lives are filled with them.  Some are big...some are small...some are happy and some are not.  Last week I watched as our first grandchild strapped on his backpack, hugged his brothers and his dog and headed off to SCHOOL!  A huge, happy, milestone for him...and a happy/sad one for those of us who have fussed over him, watched him learn to walk, talk and develop into his own little man.  ...Oh, the places he will go!

This summer has been filled with some big milestones.  My Medicare card arrived along with my 65th birthday.  That word, Medicare, always conjured up visions of old old, white haired folks shuffling through their day while waiting for their social security checks to arrive. Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful as all get out for my Medicare coverage ad my social security checks.  I just can't quite believe I've reached that age! For the most part I'm still, say, age 32!  Somewhere between 32 and 65, I raised a family, several dogs, one cat, and one husband!  To say time has flown by is an understatement!

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