Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picture A Day

Day 6......


A loyal all 10 you you guys...suggested I add the story behind all my silver bangle bracelets.  Thanks Mara, I'd be delighted!

Mr. A's sister had an arm full of bangle bracelets.  When he returned from his tour in Vietnam he brought her a few more for her collection.  We married in 1970 and I suggested we start a collection for me, adding a new bangle every anniversary.  Mr. A thought it was a great worries about flowers or candy for him!  If you're doing the math...that would make 42 bracelets!  The collection started with  very narrow silver bracelets.....which I NEVER take off by the way.  Over the years, the narrow bracelets would break and were replaced with one wider bangle.  We love the hunt...searching antique stores and art fairs for the perfect addition to my collection.

Cute story:  at the time our daughter was in preschool (I had about 10 bracelets), an inquisitive toddler asked about my bangles so I shared the story.  He went home and told his mother the story....changing it just a I got a bracelet for every time I was married!  

There you have it!


  1. thanks for sharing very sweet and love the little boys story : )