Thursday, March 11, 2010


I LOVE blogs!

I LOVE reading blogs. I LOVE discovering new blogs. I LOVE it that these blogs link to still other blogs and each blogger tells a story, shares a photo, a recipe, a thought. It reminds me of Show and Tell in grade school. I've always been content sitting in the audience soaking up all this wonderful stuff. My husband's family is OVERRUN with good writers. They make the art of putting thoughts to paper seem, well, easy! My daughter has inherited this gene. I encouraged her to start her own blog and she has. But when she decided I needed a blog...that was a different story. After all, what will I talk about? I'm a 60 something wife to, well, let's call him Mr. Amazing as, when he wants to, he can fix anything, build anything cook anything and as as an added bonus is a darn good dancer! We're parents of two grown children and grandparents of two ADORABLE grandsons. My dog is dead, the cat is gone (thank goodness) one of the kids is out of the house and the other is teetering on the edge of the nest about to fly on his own. Retirement was set for last October. We had a plan. We were going to build a small house close to the grandkids, spend the winter in some warm climate, start exploring this great country we live in and find a new dog. That was LAST October. The ECONOMY had other plans for us. With so many Americans unemployed, I know I shouldn't complain. I still have my job and so does Mr. Amazing. We may not have much left in our retirement nest egg, but we have our health, we love each other, we love the kids, the kids love us. Enough said.

There...I've started.

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