Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's All About Compromise

I'm finding, with each decision we make, that the art of compromise plays a BIG role. Mr. Contractor is now asking for siding, window, fascia and soffet and roofing colors. Samples were brought home and many hours spent (mostly by me as Mr. Amazing says this is not his area of expertise) trying to visualize just what color this cottage should be. You see, my first choice was cedar shingles. I LOVE THEM! Mr. Amazing does NOT love them. Can I live with a green cottage, a brown cottage? If not cedar siding, what should we use? In the end $ reared its ugly head and I SETTLED. You'll be hearing that word quite a lot as we move along with this project. Since my goal is to stick to our budget, I eliminated the Smart Siding. It's a fairly new product, very nice looking and three times as expensive as vinyl. Vinyl won. It was my third choice....and it fits into the budget. I'll just have to cover it with trellis and grow lovely flowering vines! Not telling the color so stay tuned!

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  1. We love vining flowers. They're perfect for your little cottage in the woods.