Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foundation Is In

Foundation walls are up and backfilled. We've been making a trip to our lot each weekend to check on the progress. Mikey stopped by to check it out too. This week Brad the Builder will be pouring the basement floor, framing basement walls and, possibly, capping it all off. We were off to Milwaukee last Sunday to BBC Lighting. It's in an old brick warehouse close to Marquette University. You can find lighting up to 50% off retail prices. Mr. Amazing thought we'd only be there about an hour (me laughing a lot here).....right.....try almost four hours! We darn near closed the place! We found outside lighting, kitchen lights, front hall and back hall lights. I brought pictures of the fixtures I was looking for and, unfortunately, most would need to be ordered. How can that be! A warehouse filled with lights and I like fixtures that need to be ordered! In the end, I compromised. Sigh.....yes, compromised. Kitchen cupboards need to be ordered SOON to take advantage of the company's 15% discount so stay tuned!

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