Monday, May 14, 2012

Water Pillow

Carrie and the boys are staying with us this week while their bathroom is being remodeled.  Since the weather is so nice, we decided to try making a water pillow.  What's that you ask? a roll of plastic...preferably 3.5 ml or better.  Open it up, fold it in half, seal the sides with duct tape, leaving a small opening to fill with water...add three kids to bounce, roll and fall all over it and you've got a recipe for a great time!

P.S....I must caution those that might choose to make a water pillow to be sure and put it on LEVEL GROUND....otherwise you will find your water pillow...and children...rolling down hill...seeking level ground.


  1. too funny! i have never heard of this before. is it your creation? what a great memory for the grand kids.

    1. Found this great idea on Pinterest!