Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peonies and Beer?

When the local garden center had their end of season sale last year, we purchased two very sad looking peony plants.  The price was so good we couldn't pass them up.  Our hope was that one of them might survive.  To our surprise, they both came up this spring and each plant had 5 or 6 huge, pink flowers. I love peonies but I don't love the ants that come with them.  So, after a bit of research I decided to try submerging the entire cutting in water for 20 minutes to see if I could get rid of the ants.  I needed something heavy to weight down the cuttings and, well, Mr. A's beer  bottles fit the bill. Apparently commercial growers harvest the peonies when the buds are soft like marshmallows to avoid the ant problem.  Ill remember that next year!

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